Wynter Fail

I <3 him always! No matter what! :)

1 day ago
My feet are all fucked up too..
I hate everything.


I can smell it from a mile away, she said
no you can’t
why the fuck can’t you smell me then?
I’m standing right here

so now my heart feels almost like it did the first time
that I swallowed amphetamine
though not that fast racing to the finish line type of feeling
it’s that sad, heavy, slowly drowning type of feeling
that feeling when you know that the finish line does not exist

but we tried, right?

4 days ago

Sooo… Doctor Who season 8 just happened.
Still processing! Don’t know how I feel yet!

5 days ago
"Oh dear, I do wish I hadn&#8217;t cried so much". #AliceInWonderland
Wish you were here, or I was there. #missyou


Holy fucking shit I just realized I confuses dale with Hershel…

I’ve confused Dale and Hershel so many times before! >.<

6 days ago

Just want my man in my arms. Please

Fucking why

1 week ago


It kind of scares me when older dudes come across

as super committed.

I’m committed to my youth,


1 week ago